frisbeeReaders continue to send in their pictures taken with their Tenth Anniversary edition D&O Diary Frisbees. The Frisbee Photos have been taken in locations both far and near, with the most recent collection including a very heavy representation of pictures taken at beaches or in bars, as well as with kids and dogs.  Readers will recall that in connection with The D&O Diary’s recent tenth anniversary, I offered to send out a D&O Diary Tenth Anniversary Frisbee to anyone who requested one – for free — but only if the Frisbee recipient agreed to send me back a picture of the Frisbee and a description of the circumstances in which the picture was taken. I have already published four rounds of Frisbee Photos (hereherehere, and here), and now it is time for the next round.


The first picture in this round of Frisbee photos was taken, in a location representative of this round of pictures, in a bar. However, this picture, which was sent in by Jill Levy and Gina Santangel, managed to combine the Frisbee photo session with the latest Pokémon Go craze. As it is with Frisbees as it is with Pokémon, you’ve gotta catch ‘em all.


jill levy pokemon go


The next picture, sent in by our friend Andrew Mehrhof of AON, was also taken in a bar. The picture, Andrew reports, was taken during his recent “Beercation” with his wife in Western Michigan. Over the course of a couple of days, they hit a host of breweries in and around Grand Rapids, scoring enough stamps in their Brewsader passports to earn a couple of t-shirts. The only thing I can add for anybody else thinking of a Beercation in Western Michigan should be sure to include the Big Hart Brewing Company in Hart, Michigan, if for no other reason that it is near wonderful Pentwater, Michigan. There is, as Andrew and his wife discovered, a lot of good beer in Western Michigan.


andrew mehrhoff beercation


In addition to the pictures taken in bars, readers have also sent in a number of Frisbee pictures taken on beaches. Christian Archut of Graham & Co. sent in the first of two beach pictures below, taken at Ocean City, New Jersey. Grant Lambert of Epiq Systems sent in the second of the two pictures below, which was taken while he was on the Northern Oregon Coast, surfing.


christian archut ocean city



grant lambert oregon coast



Beyond bars and beaches, readers have also sent in Frisbee pictures taken with dogs. The first picture below was sent in by Tracy Dahl-Webb, of Howalt & McDowell Insurance in Sioux Falls, SD. Tracy reports that her schedule did not allow her to take her Frisbee to an exotic location, so instead during the course of her “staycation,” she took this picture with Thor, her daughter’s Bernese Mountain Dog. The second picture below was sent in by Matthew Williams of AmTrust Europe in London, who took this picture at Holme by the Sea in Norfolk, England, with his dog, Churchill.


Tracy Dahl webb thor



matthew williams churchill



Along with Matthew’s picture from Norfolk, we did receive one other picture taken outside the U.S. The following picture was sent in by Heather Pugh, of CFC Underwriting in London. The picture, according to Heather, includes most of the CFC Underwriting team, looking very chill in their logo shades. What an awesome picture!


heather pugh cfc underwriting



The final picture in this collection comes to us from our good friend Jim Skarzynski of the Skarzynski  Black law firm in New York. This great picture of Jim with is granddaughter Sofia was taken at the Jersey Shore. What a great picture, Jim.


jim skarzynski jersey shore



I am constantly delighted with the variety of places and locations that various readers have chosen for their Frisbee pictures. I never cease to be amazed at the distances some have transported their Frisbees. I think all of the pictures are great.


My thanks to everyone who has sent in Frisbee PhotosWe still have a few Frisbees left, so if there is anyone else out there who still wants one, please let me know, we will send them out on a first-come, first-served basis. Just remember, if you get a Frisbee, you have to send in a picture! I hope to be able to publish many more Frisbee photos. If you request a Frisbee, please be patient as it may take us a few days to mail out the next round.


My thanks to all of this blog’s readers for their loyal support. Cheers.