My primary objective on this blog is to address important developments in the world of directors’ and officers’ liability as they occur. From time to time, however, readers contact me with more fundamental questions about executive liability and executive protection, particularly regarding the basics of indemnification and D&O insurance. In response to these recurring questions, I intend to prepare a series of posts, which are indexed below. Additional installments will be added, so check back to this site for additional series entries.

Executive Protection: Indemnification and D&O Insurance – The Basics

Executive Protection: D&O Insurance – The Insuring Agreement

Executive Protection: D&O Insurance – The Policyholder’s Obligations

D&O Insurance: Executive Protection – The Policy Application

Executive Protection: Private Company D&O Insurance

Executive Protection: D&O Insurance Policy Exclusions

Executive Protection: D&O Insurance – Limits Selection and Program Structure

D&O Insurance: The Basic Value Proposition