frisbeeWith summer winding down, more readers have been sending in pictures of their Tenth Anniversary D&O Diary Frisbees, with many of the pictures taken on family vacations. It always a pleasure to see the many places where readers have taken their Frisbees for their photo shoot.   Readers will recall that in connection with The D&O Diary’s recent tenth anniversary, I offered to send out a D&O Diary Tenth Anniversary Frisbee to anyone who requested one – for free — but only if the Frisbee recipient agreed to send me back a picture of the Frisbee and a description of the circumstances in which the picture was taken. I have already published several rounds of Frisbee Photos (all of which can be found here), and now it is time for the next round.

The first picture in this round of Frisbee Photos was sent in by Samantha Hildebrand of Devon Park Specialty Insurance, in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Samantha took her Frisbee Photo with the Washington Monument during a recent weekend visit to Washington D.C.


samantha hildebrand devon park


Ben Smith of Allied World Insurance Company in Chicago gets special recognition for most unusual Frisbee photo in this collection — he sent in a Frisbee photo without a Frisbee in the picture. Ben reports that he took the Frisbee with him to Lambeau Field in Green Bay for the September 3 football game there between Wisconsin and LSU. Unfortunately, the stadium security staff would not allow the Frisbee into the stadium, so he had to take this picture inside the stadium with his buddies but without the Frisbee. (Ben is the one with the beard). Somehow, the Frisbee photo without the Frisbee seems like some form of minimalist art.


ben smith


The next photo in this round was sent in my Park Bramhill of the Lowenstein Sandler law firm. The picture was taken in scenic Ocean Grove, New Jersey, in front of the Ocean Plaza B&B, during his family’s annual summer vacation at the Jersey Shore.


park bramhill ocean plaza


The next Frisbee photo is represents an assemblage of D&O Diary collectors’ items. This picture includes not only the Tenth Anniversary Frisbee, but one of the iconic D&O Diary mugs as well. Lynn Owen, of USI Insurance Services in Meridian, CT, who sent in the picture, reports that the mug and, now, the Frisbee, “help to remind me that when things get a bit overwhelming, I need to take a deep breath and relax.  (Hence, the ‘stress relief.’)  I know I can rely on the many experts in my field of executive liability insurance, with your blog being a tremendous source for knowledge and information.”


lynn owen stress relief


As the sole item in this round of Frisbee photos from outside the U.S., this Frisbee photo was sent in by Aga Lee, a law student at the University of Toronto. Aga advises that he first learned of The D&O Diary when it was recommended by one of his professors, which is good to know.


aga lee toronto law school


The next two pictures in this collection, like to first one shown above, were both taken during family vacations. The first was sent in by Justin Kudler of XL Catlin, whose family traveled to Vermont during their summer vacation. The Vermont sojourn included a visit to the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream factory, where the picture of Jason and the Frisbee was taken.



jason kudler ben and jerrys


The final picture in this collection was sent in by our good friend Damian Brew of Marsh. His family traveled out west this summer to visit several National Parks, in recognition of the National Park System’s 100th Anniversary. The picture below was taken at Arches National Park, near Moab, Utah. The photo shows the Landscape Arch in Devil’s Garden, an “awesome trail at the end of Arches.”


damian brew arches national park


Every set of Frisbee photos has to include pictures taken outside of the U.S.  In this category, we have the following picture sent in by James Roskopf of Insurica in Plano, Texas. The picture was taken in Amsterdam, which certainly is one of my favorite places to visit. 


james roskopf


Micheal Mello of Allied World in Bermuda send along this picture taken at the Hamilton Princess Beach Club in Sinky Bay, Bermuda. I have to say that working in Bermuda looks as if it may have a lot to recommend it.


michael mello

Finally, this picture was taken during my recent visit to Australia, during the evening reception at the Australian Professional Indemnity Group national conference, in Sydney. (I previously published this picture in my post about my visit to Australia, but I know that not everyone will have read that post.) Jill Stewart of QBE brought her Tenth Anniversary D&O Diary Frisbee with her to the reception. Jill is on my right in the picture. To my left is Charlotte Adol of the Landers & Rogers law firm. On the far right of the picture is Dominica Stephan, also of the Landers & Rogers law firm.


2016-09-01 04.15.28a


It is so great seeing everyone’s pictures and seeing the places they have taken their Frisbees in order to find just the right location for a photo shoot. All of the pictures are great, and I thank everyone for sending them in. For others who may be interested in joining the fun, it is not too late. There are still a few Frisbees left, for any who might want to try their hand at their own Frisbee photo. As long as supplies last, the remaining Frisbees are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you order a Frisbee (or even if you have already ordered a Frisbee) please be patient as our mailing processes have slowed during the late summer. The Frisbees will go out but it may still be a few days yet.


Thanks to all of The D&O Diary’s loyal readers for their support. Cheers,