2016-04-17 12.44.40aAs I hope readers know, The D&O Diary is celebrating its tenth anniversary this week. Because I want everyone to be able to join the celebration, the anniversary activities include a special offer. As along as supplies last, any reader who wants a commemorative edition D&O Diary Tenth Anniversary Frisbee can have one, for free. Free, as in no charges. Nada, rien, zilch.


There is, however, one little catch.


The catch is that you must agree that if I send you a Frisbee, you will send me a picture of the Frisbee along with a description of the circumstances under which the Frisbee photo was taken. I will publish the best Frisbee photos on this blog – “best” in this case meaning most interesting, creative or unusual.


What kind of pictures will readers send in? I have no idea, but I have a lot of confidence those readers fortunate enough to receive one of limited edition Frisbees will be inspired to create memorable, inspirational, and extraordinary pictures.


If you would like to receive a Frisbee, please email at dandodiary@gmail.com. When you email me, be sure to include your mailing address (as the Frisbees are difficult to deliver by email). I will not share your information with anyone and I will only use your information to send you a Frisbee. Because I am not yet quite ready to launch Frisbee mailing operations, it may be a few weeks before you receive your Frisbee.


Start thinking now about what type of Frisbee photo you would like to take. Here’s a sample Frisbee photo to think about while you imagine your own picture. In the photo below, I am standing near Lake Erie at Lake Erie Bluffs Park in Perry, Ohio. The picture captures the sunshine and blue skies that prevailed on the Sunday morning in April when this picture was taken. The one thing the picture doesn’t capture is the temperature. Despite the sunshine, it was a chilly morning, not yet 50 degrees along the breezy lakeshore when the picture was taken.


2016-04-17 09.40.35a


I look forward to receiving everyone’s Frisbee requests and seeing everyone’s Frisbee photos.