frisbeeAccording to the calendar, we have somehow reached November, and that can only mean one thing: time for another round of readers’ Frisbee photos. Readers will recall that in connection with The D&O Diary’s recent tenth anniversary, I offered to send out a D&O Diary Tenth Anniversary Frisbee to anyone who requested one – for free — but only if the Frisbee recipient agreed to send me back a picture of the Frisbee and a description of the circumstances in which the picture was taken. I have already published several rounds of Frisbee Photos (all of which can be found here), and now it is time for the next round.


Our first picture in this round was sent in by Watt Gregory of the Kutak Rock law firm in Little Rock, Arkansas. This picture was taken when Watt went fishing with his 6-year old grandson in North Central Arkansas. What a great picture, Watt.


watt gregory arkansas


The next picture was sent in by Judith Baum-Baron of Westchester in Simsbury, CT. The picture was taken upon Judith’s completion of the Eversource Hartford Marathon on October 8th. As Judith ran her first marathon ever, she was cheered on by her son (pictured), her daughter and her husband. In her note to me, Judith was modest about her time; I am just impressed that she completed the race.


judith baum baron marathon


Our good friend Larry Goanos of APRI Group sent in a number of pictures taken while on a family visit to the Statute of Liberty and Ellis Island, including this Frisbee photo taken with Lady Liberty herself. Larry, I liked all of the pictures!


larry goanos liberty


This round of Frisbee photos also includes two pictures send in from a couple of our friends from North of the Border.


First, Elizabeth Adamson of Marsh in Toronto sent in this picture of an iconic Toronto view, including the CN Tower, taken from the Marsh offices.


elizabeth adamson toronto


Finally, Mark Reszel of Encon Group in Ottawa sent in this picture taken on a chilly-looking Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Here is Mark’s description of the picture: “The Centennial Flame can be seen in the foreground while the Canadian flag waves in the wind atop the Peace Tower in the background. The relatively new copper roof on the main building is years (decades?) away from matching the green color seen on other parts of the Centre Block.”


mark reszel ottawa


I can’t tell you have much I enjoy all of the pictures readers have sent in. I am grateful to everyone who has sent in pictures. For others who may be interested in joining the fun, it is not too late. There are still a small number of Frisbees left, for any who might want to try their hand at their own Frisbee photo. The remaining Frisbees are available on a first-come, first-served basis, as long as supplies last.


Thanks to all of The D&O Diary’s loyal readers for their support. Cheers.