Tfrisbeehe D&O Diary’s readers cover a lot of ground and have an incredible diversity of interests, if the latest round of Frisbee photos is any indication. Readers may recall that in connection with The D&O Diary’s recent tenth anniversary, I offered to send out a D&O Diary tenth anniversary Frisbee to anyone who requested one – for free — but only if the Frisbee recipient agreed to send me back a picture of the Frisbee and a description of the circumstances in which the picture was taken. I have already published one round of Frisbee photos, and now it is time for the second round.


The first picture in the second round of Frisbee photos comes to us from Kaye Martin, a paralegal in the Bernstein Litowitz law firm’s San Diego Office. Kaye sent in this great picture of herself in front of the Surfing Madonna paining in Encinitas, California. You have to love California (and Californians).




The second picture is from Michael Welling of Meridian Risk Management, in Fairfield, Connecticut, who sent in this picture taken on the Fourth of July aboard the Miss Liza in Newport, Rhode Island, at the Newport Marina.




The next picture was sent in by Charles Stotter of the Bressler Amery Ross law firm in Florham Park, New Jersey. Charles took his D&O Diary Frisbee with him when he traveled from New Jersey to California in June. Charles reports that one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, where the Frisbee encountered the criminal justice system.  Fortunately it was released for good behavior and did not attempt to “escape from Alcatraz” by air – no prisoner ever really escaped from the island prison.




The second round of Frisbee photos also includes a number of pictures sent in from outside of the United States. We were impressed with the firewood picture sent in by Dominic Harrington of Marsh in Norwich, England. Dominic reports that it took him two weeks to build the pictured wood store, and two more weeks to fill it with willow (on one side) and oak (on the other). The result is about 15 cubic meters of wood, or approximately four cords. The wood for next winter apparently has now “been sorted out.”




This picture sent in by Davide Priziori of Partner Reinsurance in Zurich. Davide reports that he took this picture while flying over Crete. I am pleased to report that Davide later was able to enjoy playing with the Frisbee on an island beach.




The award for the most far flung picture (and when it comes to Frisbees, flinging is, in fact, indispensable) goes to Leigh Harper, of Highton, Victoria, in Australia. Leigh sent in this picture of the entrance to The Great Ocean Road, in Victoria, Australia. The road, which was built by returning World War I soldiers as a memorial to the many Australian troops who perished in the Great War, runs about 150 miles along the coast.




Last but definitely not least, we have this picture, reportedly sent in by James Sterling and Claire Lefthouse, of XL Catlin in London. They are, at least according to the email that accompanies the photo, “hard at work” at their London duty station.




I have to say I continue to be both impressed and amused with the Frisbee photos that have been sent in so far. I hope those who have received Frisbees but that have not yet sent in pictures are thinking hard about the ideal location for the Frisbee picture. Thanks to everyone who has sent in Frisbee pictures. I am looking forward to many more round of pictures.


We still do have some Frisbees remaining, so if you would like to have your own Frisbee so that you can send in your own Frisbee picture, please let me know. It may be a little while before we can mail  out the next round of Frisbees so please be patient, the Frisbees will get there eventually.


Many thanks to the blogs readers for their loyal support. Cheers.