Rua Augusta, in the Baixa district, Lisbon

The D&O Diary is on assignment in Europe, with a first stop in the beautiful Portuguese city of Lisbon (known to the locals as Lisboa). Travel can take you lots of places, but if you are really fortunate, travel will take you to Lisbon, one of the world’s great places and one of The D&O Diary’s all-time favorite destinations.Continue Reading Bela Lisboa


The D&O Diary continued its European sojourn with a visit last week to the sun-drenched and, even though it was still just April, summerlike, country of Portugal. I have to say that writing this blog post about our visit to Portugal was as much fun as I have ever had in writing for this site. Portugal, my friends, is a wonderful place, as I believe the pictures below will show. Continue Reading Portugal


The D&O Diary is on assignment in Europe this week, with the first stop in Frankfurt, the German financial capital. The spring weather in Frankfurt was mild and pleasant while I was there, though I was in Frankfurt all too briefly.

The purpose of my visit to Frankfurt was to participate in the DRRT

Tower of London

The D&O Diary’s European Sojourn finished up last week with a return visit to London. I returned to London in order to attend an event postponed from the week before. Although the postponement required me to extend my travels for a few more days, it did also mean that I got a bonus day in London, as reflected in the pictures below.Continue Reading Back in London

Palais du Luxembourg

The D&O Diary’s European assignment continued last week with a long weekend stopover in the French capital city of Paris. February is not the month usually associated with the French city’s romantic image, but the weather was not too bad and it turned out to be a fine time for a visit.

Buckingham Palace

The D&O Diary was on assignment in Europe last week, with first stops in Dublin and London. Late January may not seem like the ideal time to visit Ireland and England. Though the weather was chilly and darkness gathered early in the afternoon, it turned out not to be a bad time to visit after all.Continue Reading Dublin and London

A view of the mainland from Penang

The D&O Diary’s Asia Pacific tour concluded earlier this week with a stop on the Malaysian island of Penang, which is located just off the northwest coast of peninsular Malaysia. The island’s rich cultural heritage and legendary food made Penang a particularly enjoyable place to visit as my last stop before heading home.Continue Reading Malaysia

The D&O Diary’s tour through the Asia Pacific region continued this week with a stop in the island city-state of Singapore, which is a bustling metropolis and a burgeoning insurance center. My stay in Singapore was all too short, but when I was not in meetings I did manage to see a little bit of the city.Continue Reading Singapore

The D&O Diary is on assignment in the Asia Pacific region this week, with a first stop in the beautiful Australian city of Sydney. Even though it was still Southern Hemisphere late winter/early spring while I was in Australia, the weather was beautiful and even summerlike. I was fortunate that my meeting schedule in Sydney allowed me a little bit of time to enjoy the weather and the sunshine, as the pictures below reflect. Continue Reading Sydney