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Guest Post: Private Capital Investment: Getting the Portfolio Company Covered Right

Private Capital Investment is an increasingly important component of the global financial landscape. The increasing importance of Private Capital Investment raises a number of important issues, not the least of which are insurance-related issues. In a series of three posts, Jonathan Legge, a Senior Vice President at RT Pro Exec, will be taking a look … Continue Reading

Coordinating Insurance: Private Equity Firms and Portfolio Companies

Because private equity firms often place representatives on the boards of their portfolio companies, questions can sometimes arise about the interplay between the private equity firms’ and the portfolio companies’ D&O insurance when claims are asserted against portfolio companies’ boards. All too often, these questions are considered only after claims have emerged. However, the better … Continue Reading

Private Eq. Reps. on Portfolio Co. Board: Indemnity and Insurance

Private equity firms and the funds they organize frequently place individuals on their portfolio companies’ boards. However, all too frequently, it is not until a claim has arisen that the various entities consider how the potentially implicated indemnities and insurance will interact. Unanticipated interactions sometimes can produce unintended consequences, particularly from the perspective of the … Continue Reading

Anatomy of a Failed MBO (and Ensuing Lawsuit)

In prior posts, I have discussed how conflicts of interest in management-led buyouts can give rise to litigation (refer here), and I have examined the ways the recent credit market turmoil is not only undermining leveraged buyouts but also engendering lawsuits (refer here). I have also extensively reviewed options backdating litigation (most recently here). But … Continue Reading

Leveraged Buyout Bust By-Product: Lawsuits

As credit market disruption has reached the leveraged buyout world, a number of deals announced earlier this year to great fanfare have been unceremoniously snuffed, while others are on life support. Not too surprisingly, one direct result from this deal derailment has been a spate of lawsuits, as jilted partners and disappointed investors cast blame … Continue Reading

Going Private Lawsuits Surge

As the number of securities fraud lawsuits has declined (refer here), an alternative means that plaintiffs lawyers are finding to amuse and enrich themselves are lawsuits filed in connection with “going private” transactions. An April 24, 2007 National Law Journal article entitled “New Legal Battles Over Going Private” (here) takes a look at the court … Continue Reading

The “Buyout Boom” and D & O Claims

The D & O Diary has previously noted (most recently here) the problems that can arise in connection with “going private” transactions in which management teams up with outside investors to buy out public shareholders’ interests. The latest example may be Clear Channel Communications’ November 16, 2006 announcement (here) that a group led by Thomas … Continue Reading

The Latest on “Going Private” Deals and D & O Risk

The D & O Diary has previously commented (most recently here) on the increasing risk of D & O claims arising from “going private” transactions in which incumbent management teams up with outside investors to buy out the interests of public shareholders. The most recent high-profile “going private” transaction to be announced – the Dolan … Continue Reading

Private Money and D & O Risk

The Wall Street Journal’s recent series on "Private Money" describes the "new financial order" arising from "the new rules of private equity game." According to the July 25, 2006 Journal article (subscription required) entitled "Cash Machine: In Today’s Buyouts, Payday is Never Far Away," the new power players are private financiers – hedge funds, buyout … Continue Reading