mugshotBecause the latest round of mug shots is long overdue, quite a backlog of pictures has built up. The latest round of readers’ photos may be a bit late but it may also be one of the best collections yet.


Readers will recall that  almost one year ago, I offered to send out a D&O Diary coffee mug to anyone who requested one – for free – but only if the recipient agreed to send me back a picture of the mug and a description of the circumstances in which the picture was taken. In previous posts (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here , here, here, here, here, here, here, and here), I published prior rounds of readers’ pictures. I have posted the latest round of readers’ pictures below.


The first pictures come to us from our friend Mark Gebhardt, the risk manager for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe Growth Fund. Mark took these pictures last summer but only recently sent them in. These pictures were taken above 10,000 feet in a remote part of the San Juan Mountains, near Durango, Colorado, where Mark lives. The second of the two pictures features Mark’s “friend and intrepid camper” Charlie holding a D&O Diary mug; about Charlie, Mark said “if I know Charlie, it ain’t filled with coffee.”


















The next picture, sent in by Rebecca Dutton of March, depicts the centerpieces of the FINPRO team’s Pi Day celebration. The picture does not quite include 3.1415 pies. (It does occur to me that a D&O Diary coffee mug might be a useful thing to have around on Pi Day.)












Our next picture, from Kent Paisley, the head of specialty lines for Darwin National in Canada, depicts Allied World’s new Toronto offices as the company prepares to launch its professional lines products in Canada.












This next picture was taken at Loyola Law School in downtown Los Angeles, where Phillip Reed of Willis (pictured) was asked to  “deliver a guest lecture on what lawyers should know about of liability insurance and its role in civil litigation.”   












And while we are on the West Coast, we should take a look at these pictures sent to us by Megge Van Valkenburg of the Bullivant Houser Bailey law firm in Portland, Oregon. The first picture was taken in front of the Voodoo Donut shot, which Megge reports is a local landmark. The next picture, a tribute to true Portlandia, depicts Megge in front of the sign showing the city’s unofficial motto – Keep Portland Weird.





















One of the most astonishing things I have learned over the years while maintaining this blog is just how far-flung this site’s readership is. As proof of this point, I am happy to publish this picture of the Moscow skyline, sent in to us by Alma Malysheva, the head of the Corporate Clients Liability division for Rosgosstrakh, which Alma reports is one of the three largest insurers in Russia.












And finally, we have these absolutely outstanding pictures taken in South Africa and sent in by our good friend Tracy Baughman, of Beazley in London. Seriously, if you are going to be hanging out with elephants and zebras in Africa, it is always a good idea to have a D&O Diary mug at the ready.





















I never cease to be amazed at the breadth and diversity of pictures that readers send in. I find it incredibly amusing that readers are carrying their mugs onto mountain tops and on safari, as well as to donut shops and office parties.  Thanks to everyone who has sent in pictures of their D&O Diary mugs. This has been such a great experiment. It may just look like a coffee mug, but it turns out to be a tool for self-expression.


Because I have shipped out the last of the mugs, I am afraid I can’t fulfill any more mugrequests. However, if other readers would like to send in pictures taken with their own firm’s mugs, I would be happy to publish the pictures. Of course, if there are D&O Diary mug recipients out there who still have not sent in mug shots, I would be happy to post those pictures as well.