The pictures readers have taken with their D&O Diary mugs have continued to arrive, and so it is time for another round of readers’ mug shots.


Readers will recall that in a recent post, I offered to send out a D&O Diary coffee mug to anyone who requested one  – for free – but only if the mug recipient agreed to send me back a picture of the mug and a description of the circumstances in which the picture was taken. In previous posts (here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here , here and here), I published prior rounds of readers’ pictures. I have posted the latest round of readers’ pictures below.


The first two pictures reflect different views of New York City. The first picture is from Jackie Aaron of the Shearman & Sterling law firm. Jackie sent in this “hometown photo’ and provided the following description of the scene depicted in the picture: “Pier I in the Hudson River (at about 68th Street).  Riverside Park is on the right, New Jersey is on the left, and the George Washington Bridge is in the center.”













Then, in a very different depiction of New York, here is a picture sent in by Jim Sandnes of the Boundas, Skarzynski, Walsh & Black law firm. Jim took this shot from his office window, looking north. The sunset is reflected on off the sides of the world financial center buildings and work lights shine from the Freedom Tower and 4 World Trade Center.











The next shot, send in by Allison Kernisky of the Holland & Knight law firm in Miami, is from a very different part of the country. Allison reports that she took this picture from her living room window (the view from her living room window is a little different than the view from my living room window — about which see more below). Allison reports that in this picture you can see “a freshly-arrived yacht anchored at the mouth of the Miami River. Not just any yacht, Fountainhead belongs to recent SEC trial winner Mark Cuban. Perhaps this is the first stop in a victory lap around the world. It’s a little hard to see in the photo but the top deck at the ship’s aft is a basketball court complete with hoop. No sightings of Mr. Cuban as of yet.”













The next picture was sent in by Wendy Goundrey who works in the Chubb Insurance Company of Europe office in London. She provided the following description of her picture: “Sid the Sloth lives on my desk and loves my new mug so much its hard to keep him away from it.”
















The following picture sequence reflects a mug exchange that I had with Kamal Hubbard of the Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse. I sent Kamal a D&O Diary mug, and Kamal sent me a Stanford University mug. Kamal also sent the following pictures of the Stanford campus. The first picture depicts the Stanford quad and the second picture depicts the Rodin sculpture garden on the Stanford campus. Both pictures reflect the beautiful, sun-drenched buildings on the Stanford campus. (I have been fortunate enough to be a faculty member at the Stanford Law School Directors College for the last several years, and each time I visit I am struck by how beautiful Stanford is.)































As a meteorological counterpoint to Kamal’s pictures of Stanford, the following picture reflects my part of the reciprocal mug exchange and photo shoot. In this picture, I am standing in my front yard, holding the Stanford mug that Kamal sent me and enjoying the seasonally appropriate weather in Shaker Heights, Ohio, on Thanksgiving Day. I know exactly what you are thinking after looking at the sequence of the mug exchange photos — that’s right, not everyone is forunate enough to be able to live in Northeast Ohio.













It is so much fun to receive readers’ pictures and to see how (and where) they have decided to photograph their mugs. My thanks to everyone who has sent in a mug shot.


We are down to the last of the mugs. If there are still readers out there who would like to have a mug and have not yet ordered one, just drop me a note and I will be happy to send one along to you, as long as remaining supplies last. Just remember that if you order a mug, you have to send back a picture. Also, please be patient if you order a mug, it may be several days before we can mail out the next round of mugs.