The pictures readers have taken with their D&O Diary mugs have continued to arrive. The range of settings and locations continues to impress and entertain.


Readers will recall that in a recent post, I offered to send out to anyone who requested one a D&O Diary coffee mug – for free – but only if the mug recipient agreed to send me back a picture of the mug and a description of the circumstances in which the picture was taken. In previous posts (here, here, herehere, and here), I published prior  rounds of readers’ pictures. The pictures have continued to arrive and I have published the latest round below.


The first shot in the latest gallery comes from north of the border. Shelley Lloyd of AON in Toronto sent in this photo taken at the Hockey Hall of Fame (La Temple de la Renommée du Hockey). The photo includes a D&O Diary mug, which Shelley described as “the cup that may be rarer and almost as coveted as Lord Stanley’s.”













Today’s second mug shot also comes to us from north of the Border. Damian Brew of Marsh sent in several nice pictures from his family’s vacation trip to Montreal, including this picture of the Montreal Botanical Garden, where the mug took in the Mosaicultures Intertionales 2013, an exhibit consisting of 50 horticultural works of exhibitors from 25 different countries.  The exhibit is described here and the mug is prominently featured below (I am thinking of doing D&O Diary-themed watering cans next time around).




















It wouldn’t be a D&O Diary mug shot gallery without at least one picture from Asia. This time, our Asia photo comes to us from Jopet Santos of Asia Capital Reinsurance Group in Hong Kong. Jopet reported that this picture was taken from his firm’s conference room overlooking Victoria Harbour. He noted that “you can probably make out two of the taller buildings in HK, IFC2 (left) and ICC (right), in the background on this dreary day in the aftermath of typhoon Utor.” For those readers interested in seeing the same buildings appearing in Jopet’s mugshot in a photo taken outside and from Victoria Peak on a much sunnier day, please refer to my Hong Kong travelogue from last April, here.













And next, a shot from the Parthenon. No, not that Parthenon, that one is all in pieces. No, this is a photo of full-size replica of the Parthenon located in Centennial Park in Nashville, submitted to us by loyal reader Hailey Aldren of Nashviile. Hailey reports that unlike the original in Athens (at least in its current state), the replica has a full-sized statute of Athena inside the building.













Harry Bryans of AON also sent in a picture featuring a prominent landmark in his home town, one that captures the spirit of the entire D&O Diary mug project. The Free Library of Philadelphia, like the D&O Diary mug that Harry received, and indeed like The D&O Diary itself, is free, as are all of the best things in life.













Finally, our good friends the husband and wife team of David Murray of AIG and Suzanne Mast Murray of Alliant Insurance Services send in this picture of their two D&O Diary mugs relaxing by the pool. Yes those are the mugs behind those shades and under the towels.













I can’t tell you how much fun it is receiving the pictures and seeing the interesting places readers have taken their mugs and the striking pictures that have resulted. I look forward to receiving and publishing many more pictures.


I recently ordered another supply of mugs, so if there are more readers out there who would like to have a mug, please just let me drop me a note. Just remember, if you get a mug, you have to send back a picture. If you order a mug, please be patient, it may take a few days to mail the mug to you.


Thanks to everyone for their pictures. Cheers!