In the latest installment in its D&O Insurance videos series, London-based insurer RisingEdge, in a panel discussion of D&O insurance experts, examines the five steps in the D&O insurance policy placement, implementation, and deployment process. The panel, which is moderated by RisingEdge CEO Philippe Gouraud, includes Lianne Gras of Howden; Robert Barnes of GAWS in

The credit crisis recently entered a dark new phase, and this new darker phase has also already produced its own distinctive round of lawsuits. Like the ominous economic circumstances, the new litigation phase also seems darker and more threatening.

In the latest issue of InSights (here) — entitled "Has the Credit Crisis

A November 18, 2007 New York Times article entitled "If Buyout Firms Are So Smart, Why Are They So Wrong?" (here) takes a critical look at many buyout firms’ sudden haste to walk away from deals that were much ballyhooed only a short time ago. Clearly the bloom has gone off the buyout

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting In the latest of the securities class action opt out settlements, California’s teacher pension fund reached a $46.5 million settlement in its separate case against Qwest Communications, its accountants and investment banks, and certain former directors and officers. According to news reports (here), the parties resolved the pension fund’s case, which was

Regular D & O Diary readers know that I have been maintaining a running tally of options backdating related litigation (here). According to the most recent count, so far there have been 23 securities class action lawsuits raising allegations of options grant manipulations. (The Stanford Law School Securities Class Action Clearinghouse maintains its