In the latest installment in its D&O Insurance videos series, London-based insurer RisingEdge, in a panel discussion of D&O insurance experts, examines the five steps in the D&O insurance policy placement, implementation, and deployment process. The panel, which is moderated by RisingEdge CEO Philippe Gouraud, includes Lianne Gras of Howden; Robert Barnes of GAWS in London; and Ellie Fisher of RisingEdge. The five steps discussed in the video are: Insured Risk Mapping; Preparing the Submission and Engaging with the D&O Market; Quotation and Binding the Policy; The Policy Renewal; and You Have a Claim! The objective of the video is to “unpack and demystify the D&O policy placement process, and to provide these learnings in an accessible format.” The video can be found here.