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The Deteriorating D&O Insurance Environment for Foreign U.S.-Listed Companies

For many years, U.S.-listed companies based outside the U.S. have enjoyed a relatively advantageous pricing environment for their D&O insurance. Because many D&O insurance underwriters based outside the U.S. used a different pricing model than their U.S. counterparts, pricing for these foreign filers was in many instances lower than the pricing available to equivalent U.S.-based … Continue Reading

Volkswagen Vehicle Emissions Scandal Triggers U.S. Securities Suit, Dutch Collective Action Initiative

The news that Volkswagen employed sophisticated software-based “defeat devices” in order to permit a number of its diesel-engine models to appear to meet U.S. emissions standards has dominated the headlines in the business pages over the last few days. The news has already led to the resignation of its embattled CEO, Martin Winterkorn. In addition … Continue Reading

Law Firm Organizes U.K. Lawsuit Against Tesco, Financed by Litigation Funding Firm

After U.K.-based Tesco PLC’s announcements of accounting “irregularities” and the subsequent departure of the company’s Board chair, investor lawsuits soon followed. But as discussed here, these lawsuits were filed in the United States, on behalf of investors who had purchased American Depositary Receipts in the United States. In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s holding … Continue Reading

Two Legal Surveys: Foreign Disputes in U.S. Courts and Fee-Shifting Bylaws

An ever-present anxiety for globally-active non-U.S. companies is the possibility that they might find themselves having to deal with litigation in U.S. courts. This concern is warranted because certain attributes of the U.S. legal system – including the absence of loser pays attorneys’ fee model and the availability of discovery and jury trials – provide … Continue Reading

NERA Releases Study of Securities Suits against Non-U.S. Companies

The volume of securities litigation against non-U.S. companies has ‘reached record levels” despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Morrison v. National Australia Bank, according to a recent report from NERA Economic Consulting. The report, written by Robert Patton of NERA, and entitled “Recent Trends in U.S. Securities Class Actions Against Non-U.S. Companies” can … Continue Reading