Today it is time for a post from the Annals of Securities Fraud. That is because Monday, December 11, 2023, marked the 15th anniversary of the arrest of Bernie Madoff in connection with one of the largest securities frauds in U.S. history. The scale of Madoff’s Ponzi scheme fraud is still, even after all of these years, just astonishing. Prosecutors estimated that the paper losses totaled nearly $65 billion, and have said they believe that the scheme defrauded as many as 37,000 people in 136 countries.  

What has been interesting in the scheme’s wake has been the efforts to recover funds to compensate Madoff’s victims. Irving Picard, the court-appointed trustee overseeing the liquidation of Madoff’s firm, has recovered approximately $14.6 billion. And perhaps even more interesting, Picard’s recovery efforts are continuing to this day, 15 years after Madoff’s arrest, as reported in David Thomas’s December 12, 2023 Reuters article, here.Continue Reading Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme: Still Crazy After All These Years

Even after two years, the Madoff scandal continues to fascinate. Following close on the heels of last week’s news of Mark Madoff’s tragic suicide is the absolutely arresting news of Jeffry Picower’s estate’s $7.2 billion settlement with the U.S. government – to be specific, the precise amount of the settlement is $7,206,157,717, according to the

An astonishing amount of litigation followed in the wake of the Madoff scandal revelations, as I have detailed here. But thought the litigation filings have surged, the question remains whether the plaintiffs’ desperate attempts to recover their losses from third parties have any chance of success.

This question was underscored by the March

Given the massive amount of litigation arising out of the Madoff scandal as well as the enormous sums of money involved it is perhaps inevitable that the scandal would also generate its own category of insurance coverage litigation. As the two cases described below demonstrate, the Madoff-related coverage litigation has now arrived. There undoubtedly will

Something hit me this past week as I was reviewing the latest Madoff-related complaint to cross my desk. The class action complaint (here), was filed on May 29, 2009 in the Middle District of Florida by a Florida physician who had a Swiss Life variable annuity policy that was invested in the Platinum

Although a wide variety of surprising details have come to light as the Madoff scandal has been exposed, there has as yet been no reported connection between the scandal and Britney Spears—that is, until now. A handwritten complaint filed in the Eastern District of Michigan on March 16, 2009 raises a number of, well

Following close on the heels of the Massachusetts regulator’s action filed last week against Madoff feeder-fund Fairfield Greenwich and related individuals, on April 6, 2009, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo initiated a civil action in New York (New York County) Supreme Court against J. Ezra Merkin and Madoff feeder fund Gabriel Capital Corporation. The