As one of my year-end features on this site, I published in late December a post with my Top Ten favorite pictures from my travels during 2019. In the same post, I also invited readers to send in their favorite pictures from their own 2019 travels, with the idea that I would post the readers’ pictures here, on this blog. Last week, I published the first installment of readers’ travel pictures. Today, I am very happy to publish the second set of readers’ pictures. There are some great pictures in this set.


The first picture in this set comes to us from Richie Leisner, of the Trenam law firm in Tampa. Richie submitted this great picture taken at the Inverlochy Castle in the Scottish highlands.



The next picture was submitted by industry veteran David Murray, taken during a family vacation this past summer in the Petrified National Forest Park in Arizona.


David writes that this is “a photo from the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona, which I visited during a cross country road trip in 2019. It’s a special place with extraordinary vistas.”


Nessim Mezrahi of SAR sent in several pictures from Cartagena, Colombia, including this one, below:


Nessim writes that this picture “is of the fortress wall at the walled city of Cartagena, that borders the Caribbean Coast… Cartagena’s walled city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.”


Kyle Wagner Compton of the Chancery Daily sent in a very interesting series of rainbow pictures, which I have set out below.


Kyle writes of this picture, which was taken in Vik, Iceland, that “Unseen in Vik, but perhaps suggested by the framing of the photograph, is gale-force wind against which one could scarcely stand upright.”



This picture was taken in Guiling, China. Kyle writes: “Unseen in Guiling is heat exhaustion-inducing swelter that reduced photographer & son to jelly, shivering (ironically) under piles of blankets and wishing there was still something other than their guts left to throw up.”



Of this picture, taken on Manhattan, Kyle writes: “unseen in Manhattan is the sense of solace — one might say a Noahic sense — that the captured scene seemed to provide the photographer two days after the sudden, unexpected, and untimely passing of a far-too-young friend and colleague.”


Finally, Kathleen Sevier of Professional Liability Brokers & Consultants sent in this series of extraordinary pictures from China and Africa.


Of this picture of the Great Wall of China, Kathleen writes: “I climbed the great wall with a woman who was in her 80’s and she left me in the dust!”




This is a picture of Victoria Falls, on the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Kathleen writes: “The Victoria Falls was in the dry season, so we only got a little wet from the spray crossing the river. The power is amazing. “



Kathleen writes about this picture, taken in South Africa: “Table Mountain is at the southern-most point of So. Africa. One takes a funicular to the top, and the views are great, weather permitting. It is the mountain top usually depicted with clouds around the mountain top. Had it been a usual day, this shot would not have been possible.”


I am very grateful to these readers for their willingness to send in their pictures and to allow me to publish them. I know that everyone who sees these pictures will agree that the pictures are absolutely terrific.


I hope that seeing these pictures will inspire others to submit pictures. I am happy to try to publish as many pictures as readers want to submit!


My thanks to these readers whose pictures are shown above for submitting their pictures. I hope others will now send theirs in.