Lucerne, Switzerland

Early next week, I will be publishing my annual Top Ten Stories in D&O survey. Last week, in anticipation of the upcoming publication of my annual survey, I published a list of my own Top Ten Travel Pictures of 2019. In my travel pics post, I also invited readers to submit for their favorite pictures of their own travel in 2019. I am pleased to report that many readers have submitted pictures for consideration. I have published a sampling of readers’ submissions below.


The first picture was submitted by Kathryn Metz of Aon, taken in Belize, as described below.


Kathryn writes about this picture that the “picture taken at sunset on the East Coast of Ambergris Caye, Belize (Madonna’s La Isla Bonita), where my husband and I traveled for our 10 year anniversary this fall.  I would highly recommend Matachica resort (and also Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodge near Belmopan) for anyone thinking of travelling there!”


Marcel Besemer of Kröller Boom Assurantiën B.V. in the Netherlands submitted this picture of the Grand Canyon.


Marcel writes of this picture that it is “from my trip to Arizona and Grand Canyon last month and a highlight was walking a trail down-and-up the Canyon in one day. It was a very hard day but an amazing adventure. Picture was taken at sunrise on the Kaibab Trail.”


Loyal reader Jim Roskopf of INSURICA submitted this picture of the famous Douro River valley wine growing region in Portugal.


Jim Roskopf writes of his visit to the Douro River Valley in Portugal: “We went there in April of this year and really enjoyed it.”



The next picture was submitted by Nate McKitterick of DLA Piper. Nate’s picture presents an interesting variation on the travel picture theme, as described below.


Nate writes: “I love traveling, but my favorite place is home. This year, one photo, taken the day we returned from Catalonia, captures home for me: my barefoot 12-year-old daughter reading a book in her favorite tree, surreptitiously photographed from our cozy home as cold December rain lashes off the last of the maple leaves and ushers in winter in Marin County, California.”


The next picture comes from Aga Lee of PointClickCare and the University of Toronto, who sent in several pictures of Vancouver.


Aga writes that this picture was taking during a trip to an AI conference in Vancouver a few weeks ago.


The next pictures were submitted by Jenna Fasone of the Sheppard Mullin law firm. The first is from Malmö, Sweden, and the second is from Kyoto, Japan.


Jenna writes: This is “a photo from last week in Malmö, Sweden of the Turning Torso. “



This picture was taken outside Nishiki Market Kyoto. Jenna writes: “Traveling to both Scandinavia (I am currently in Denmark for the holidays visiting in-laws) and Japan (where my mother’s family is from) in one year was such a fascinating combination. Both very old cultures but also very forward looking when it comes to architecture, travel, technology and thought. Both absolutely stunning.”


The next picture was submitted by Brian Sandy of IMA, taken during a family trip to Thailand this past year.


Brian writes: This picture depicts “our all-time favorite place on that trip. It is Pileh lagoon on Koh Phi Phi Ley in the Phi Phi Islands. Ko Phi Phi Ley is a small uninhabited island (also the location they used for the movie The Beach). You can only access this lagoon at high tide and are rewarded with the most beautiful green water and towering rock walls in the cove. We spent an hour one day just floating in the lagoon and jumping off the long tail boat, and nearly missed our return ferry because we went back once more before we left the islands!”


Debbie Schaffel of AON submitted this picture taken in Switzerland in September 2019:


Deb’s description of the picture: “Hoheweg in the Swiss Alps on my way to Jungfraujoch (“top of Europe’), September 2019.”


Justin Kudler of Axa XL sent a selection of different pictures from a number of different locations, from which I chose the following picture.


Justin took this picture during his family’s July visit to San Diego and Los Angeles. Of this picture, Justin writes: “• Mission Beach Sunset in San Diego is self-explanatory…”



The final picture in today’s collection of readers’ pictures was submitted by Charles Stotter of the Carlton Fields law firm.


Charles writes: This is “is of the bell tower from the original San Geronimo de Taos church/mission in the Taos Pueblo in Taos, New Mexico. The Taos Pueblo is a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Built in 1619 by the Spanish, the church was destroyed during a native Indian revolt in 1640, but was rebuilt and then destroyed again in 1846 during the Mexican-American War. The church was re-built elsewhere in the Taos Pueblo, but all that remains of the original structure is the bell tower. The bell in the picture was brought over by the Spanish in the 1600s, pre-dating the Liberty Bell!”


I am glad that so many readers submitted pictures. These pictures are great. I hope that seeing these pictures will inspire others to submit pictures. I am happy to try to publish as many pictures as readers want to submit!


My thanks to these readers whose pictures are shown above for  submitting their pictures. I hope others will now send theirs in.