As detailed in the accompanying blog post, all signs are that the FDIC will be filing increasing numbers of civil actions against former officials of banks that have been closed as part of the current round of bank failures. With this possibility in mind, it seems like it is time for The D&O Diary to initiate yet another of its litigation tracking lists.


A list reflecting the civil lawsuits that the FDIC has filed in its capacity as receiver against former officials of failed banks can be found here.




I will be updating this list periodically as I become of aware of additional civil lawsuits that the FDIC has filed. This list is a community resource for readers of this blog, and I hope that readers will help maintain the value of this resource for the community by advising me of any new lawsuits that have been filed and of any omission from the list. As I update the list, I will indicate at the top of this blog post the last date on which the list was most recently updated.