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The Latest Bulletin From Our San Francisco Bureau:  Our SF correspondent filed this report before last night’s game (names removed to protect privacy, swear words modified to conform with the family-oriented approach of this blog):


So living with a wacko Giants fan is actually really fun right now. Yesterday {name removed} and her mom and godmother went kayaking outside the stadium and it sounds like SO MUCH FUN. I have added it to my to-do list of things while I live in the Bay.


Anyway, aside from kayaking (and drinking, and eating, and singing while kayaking) Giants fans wear these ugly fake beards to mimic the "rally beards" that the pitchers have (well, all the pitchers except Lincecum). And they have t-shirts that say "Fear the Beard." I have seem some television footage of very small children and very blonde women in beards. Very strange.


Also, just to prove that Tim Lincecum really could never play on any team except the Giants or the A’s, everyone knows he smokes pot like it’s his job, and the fans wear shirts that say "Let Timmy Smoke." I very much doubt that would be the public reaction ANNNYwhere else. Also he doesn’t cover his mouth when he swears, so "F*ck Yeah" t-shirts are also very popular.


Unfortunately, I’m still not overly interested in the BASEBALL…just the funny things that San Franciscans do while they WATCH baseball.