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Data Breach-Related Shareholder Derivative Lawsuit Filed Against Wendy’s

Cyber-breach related D&O lawsuits have not fared particularly well. Indeed, after the shareholder derivative lawsuit against the board of Home Depot was recently dismissed, it was unclear what the future direction for cybersecurity litigation against corporate officials might be. But though the future direction of this type of litigation is unclear, it seemed unlikely despite … Continue Reading

InSights: The Significance and Implications of the $139 Million News Corp. Derivative Suit Settlement

One of the more interesting recent developments in the world of corporate and securities litigation was the $139 million settlement of the News Corp. shareholders derivative suit. Not only is this settlement apparently the largest ever cash settlement of a shareholders derivative suit, but the entire amount of the settlement is to be funded by … Continue Reading

Of Oil Slicks and D&O Claims

One side-effect from the oil slick spreading across the Gulf of Mexico following the blowout of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, and a direct result of the massive economic and environmental damage it has caused, is the efflorescence of lawsuits from persons whose property or livelihood have been threatened or damaged by the spill. Given … Continue Reading

Beazer Homes Settles Subprime-Related Derivative Lawsuit

Beazer Homes has announced in its December 22, 2009 filing on Form 8-K (here) that it has settled the subprime-related shareholder’s derivative lawsuit that had been filed against the company, as nominal defendant, and certain of its directors and officers. According to the filing, the case has been settled in recognition of the corporate governance … Continue Reading

More Subprime Lawsuit Dismissals

In my recent subprime and credit crisis lawsuit status update (here), I commented that the defendants seemed to be getting the upper hand at the dismissal stage in many of these cases. Two recent dismissal motion rulings tend to corroborate this view. In addition, the defendants in the auction rate securities cases continue to have … Continue Reading