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Guest Post: How the Supreme Court’s Loughrin Decision May Narrow the Scope of Securities Fraud

In the following guest post, Arkady Bukh, founding partner of Bukh Law Firm, takes a look at the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Loughrin v. United States (here) and examines how the Court’s holding with respect to the federal bank fraud statute could reach far beyond the realm of bank fraud to reach the securities … Continue Reading

Concerns About Crowdfunding

Among the more noteworthy aspects of the recently enacted Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act are the legislation’s crowdfunding provisions. These provisions are intended to allow small businesses a new means of raising funds directly from investors using the Internet. But many commentators are concerned about these provisions. Among other things, some have noted that … Continue Reading

More Madoff “Feeder Fund” Lawsuits

In the latest of what undoubtedly will prove to be a surge of Madoff-related litigation, investors have filed two more lawsuits against investment firms that invested their clients’ money with Bernie Madoff, resulting in massive investor losses.   UPDATE: Please note that a regularly updated table of all Madoff investor litigation, including in particular Madoff "feeder … Continue Reading

Madoff Victims’ Lawsuits Target Investment Firms, “Feeder Funds”

If today’s filings are any indication, a huge wave of Madoff victim lawsuits could be coming. Madoff investors were quick to sue Madoff and his firm, with the first complaint filed last Friday (as noted here). But with Madoff’s firm in liquidation and the money likely long gone, investors who lost money as a result … Continue Reading