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Mumbai Professional Liability Insurance Symposium

The D&O Diary’s overseas assignment continued this week with a stop in Mumbai, India’s financial capital. I was in Mumbai to participate in the annual Bima Gyaan Symposium, an educational and networking event for the professional liability insurance industry in India. As reflected in the pictures below, the event was once again well-attended and was … Continue Reading

Trustee’s Professional Liability Insurance: No Coverage for Claims Against Trustee Acting as Director of Separate Corporation

As I have noted in prior posts (most recently here), a recurring D&O insurance coverage issue is the question of whether or not an insured person was acting in an insured capacity at the time he or she allegedly committed the wrongful acts alleged against him or her. These questions arise because individuals often act … Continue Reading

Indiana Supreme Court: E&O Insurers Must Pay Settlement of Suits Alleging Health Insurer Dodged Medical Claims

On April 22, 2015, in a sweeping win for health insurer Anthem Inc., the Indiana Supreme Court held that excess reinsurers on the company’s self-insured E&O insurance program must pay the company’s costs of defending and settling allegations that it had improperly failed to pay, underpaid, or delayed paying medical reimbursement claims. The Court rejected … Continue Reading

Professional Liability Insurance: Two Policies But No Coverage Due to Untimely Notice

In a January 9, 2015 opinion (here), the Eighth Circuit, applying Missouri law, held that there was no coverage under either of two successive professional liability insurance policies issued by the same insurer for a claim against its insured, LSi-Lowry Systems, because the claim was first made before the inception of the second policy and … Continue Reading

Professional Liability Insurers Must Pay $30 Million Settlement of Restitutionary Overdraft Fee Claims

On December 16, 2014, in an interesting ruling that undoubtedly will stir up a great deal of debate, District of Minnesota Judge Paul Magnuson, applying Delaware law, granted U.S. Bancorp’s motion for summary judgment, holding that the bank’s professional liability insurers must pay $30 million of the $55 million the bank agreed to pay in … Continue Reading

Professional Liability Insurance: Application Misrepresentation Precludes Coverage for Legal Malpractice Claim

In a July 31, 2014 opinion (here), Central District of California Judge Fernando M. Olguin, applying California law, granted a professional liability insurer’s motion for summary judgment in a coverage lawsuit brought by the Blum Collins LLP law firm and Craig M. Collins dba the Collins Law Firm for breach Judge Olguin agreed that because … Continue Reading

NY Court of Appeals Reverses Itself, Holds Insurer’s Breach of Duty to Defend Doesn’t Waive Coverage Defenses After All

In an unusual development in a closely watched case, K2 Investment Group, LLC v. American Guarantee & Liability Ins. Co., the New York Court of Appeals has reversed its own June 2013 ruling in the case in which it held that a legal malpractice insurer that breached its duty to defend is barred from relying … Continue Reading

E&O Insurance: Acts Alleged in Underlying Claim Did Not Involve Insured Services

One of the recurring coverage issues that arises in connection with Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance is the question of whether or not the activities that are the basis of the underlying claim involve Insured Services (or Professional Services) as that term is defined in the policy. In a September 27, 2013 decision (here), Northern … Continue Reading

Bankers’ Professional Liability Insurance Does Not Cover Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement

A recurring question under the management liability insurance protection that banks typically acquire is the extent of the protection afforded under their policies’ professional liability provisions. One particular question that often arises is whether the policy affords coverage for customers’ excessive overdraft fees claims.. An August 7, 2013 decision by Northern District of Georgia Judge … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Settlor Capacity v. Fiduciary Capacity — Does Wearing Two Hats Mean You May be Denied Coverage?

I am pleased to publish below a guest post from Rhonda Prussack, Executive Vice President and Product Manager, Fiduciary Liability, for Chartis, and her colleague at Chartis, Larry Fine, Global Head Professional Liability Claims, Financial Lines Claims. Rhonda’s and Larry’s guest post is written in response to a recent guest post on this blog about the … Continue Reading

Guest Post: More About the Duty to Advance and the Duty to Defend

In an August 27, 2012 post (here), I discussed Central District of California Judge James Selna’s August 21, 2012 decision in Petersen v. Columbia Casualty, and in particular Judge Selna’s consideration of the insurer defendant’s duty to advance under its liability policy. Following my publication of the post, I was contacted by Jeffrey Kiburtz of … Continue Reading