seclogoFrom time to time, the SEC reiterates its view of the critical gatekeeper role companies’ outside directors play in safeguarding investors’ interests. Nevertheless, it has been relatively rare for SEC to pursue enforcement actions against outside directors based on an alleged failure to fulfill that role. But while these actions are rare, the agency does periodically bring enforcement actions against directors whom the agency contends shirked their duties.
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Seven former independent directors of Satyam – the Indian company known as the “Indian Enron” due to the high-profile accounting scandal that swamped the firm in 2009 – have secured their dismissal from the U.S. securities litigation the company’s shareholder filed in the scandal’s wake.  Southern District of New York Judge Barbara Jones’s January 2

Former CFO’s Dismissal Motion Denied in Longtop Financial Securities Suit: Longtop Financial Technologies may be unique among U.S.-listed Chinese companies that have been caught up in the wave of accounting scandals and related securities litigation. Unlike many of the others, Longtop did not obtain its U.S.-listing by way of a reverse merger, but instead, in