Outside Director Liability

Outside corporate directors named as defendants in D&O litigation are rarely required to pay settlements or judgments out of their own personal assets, as prior research has shown. But the question of how frequently outside directors are held liable is a different question from the question of whether and to what extent directors are held

From time to time, the SEC reiterates its view of the critical role companies’ outside directors play in safeguarding investors’ interests. Nevertheless, it has been relatively rare for SEC to pursue enforcement actions against outside directors based on an alleged failure to fulfill that role, at least in connection with disclosure violations. A recent enforcement

In what may be the largest ever outside director securities lawsuit case settlement, on July 13, 2009, Southern District of California Judge Roger R. Benitez preliminarily approved the six settling outside directors’ $55.95 million settlement of the claims pending against them in the Peregrine Systems securities class action lawsuit. The July 13 order can be

From the earliest days of the options backdating scandal, one of the recurring questions has been the potential extent of outside director liability exposure (refer, for example, here). On September 17, 2008, In a development that may also have significant implications for more recent events, the SEC filed settled options backdating-related charges against three

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Since the well-publicized settlements in the Enron and WorldCom cases, where individual directors were required to contribute toward settlement out of their own assets without recourse to indemnity or insurance, outside director exposure has been a hot topic (refer here for my prior discussion of those settlements). In addition, the SEC’s recent statements about pursuing

As the various corporate scandals have unfolded, one of the concerns has been whether changing laws and attitudes may mean that outside directors face increased exposure to shareholder claims and enforcement actions. (See my prior article on the topic here.) One of the elements of this concern has been the statements of various regulatory