options backdating litigation

As the dramatic events in the financial marketplace during fall 2008 recede further into the past, the wave of related litigation activity has also clearly started to slow. But a newly filed lawsuit arising directly from the financial crisis suggests that there may still be further credit crisis cases yet to come, particularly as plaintiffs&rsquo

Earlier this week, I suggested (here) that the UBS auction rate securities lawsuit dismissal did not spell the end of the auction rate securities litigation. Two of the categories of likely future litigation involving auction rate securities I mentioned were lawsuits involving institutional investors (who are not covered, at least immediately, by many

On February 23, 2009, Advisen released its Report of 2008 securities litigation entitled "Securities Litigation in 2008: Implications for the D&O Market in 2009 and Beyond" (here, $ required). The Advisen Report’s numerical securities litigation analysis is directionally consistent with prior reports of the 2008 lawsuits, although the Report also contributes its own

Even though the current subprime litigation wave seemingly has swept the prior scandal into the past, lawsuits based on options backdating allegtions stubbornly continue to come in. Within recent days, plaintiffs’ lawyers have filed two new options backdating-related derivative lawsuits. The options backdating scandal may now be well over two years along, but it continues