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Supreme Court Will Not Consider the Securities Act Statute of Repose Issue in the Indy Mac Case After All

As I had noted on this blog (here), one of the important securities law cases on the U.S. Supreme Court’s docket for the upcoming term involved the failed IndyMac bank. The Court had granted cert in the case to decide whether the three-year limitations period in Section 13 of the ’33 Act may be tolled … Continue Reading

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IndyMac Coverage Suit Settled, But Oral Argument Will Stay on the Calendar?: As I noted in a recent post (here, second item), the parties in the IndyMac D&O insurance coverage action – that is, the dispute to determine whether or not only a single $80 million tower of insurance applies to the various D&O claims … Continue Reading

IndyMac CEO Settles FDIC’s Failed Bank Suit

IndyMac CEO Michael Perry has reached an agreement with the FDIC to settle the lawsuit the agency filed against him in the Central District of California in July 2011 in its capacity as receiver of the failed bank. In the settlement agreement, filed with the court on December 14, 2012,  Perry agreed to pay $1 … Continue Reading

FDIC’s Failed Bank Lawsuit against Former IndyMac Officers Goes to Trial

Trial in the FDIC’s failed bank lawsuit against three former officers of IndyBank commenced on November 6, 2012 in the federal court in Los Angeles. According Scott Reckard’s November 9, 2012 Los Angeles Times article (here), the parties’ counsel have delivered their opening statements. The case, which was the first failed bank lawsuit the FDIC … Continue Reading

IndyMac CEO Settles Long-Running Subprime-Related Securities Suit

When plaintiffs first filed their securities class action lawsuit against IndyMac Bancorp back in March 2007, the suit was one of the first of what later became a wave of subprime and credit crisis-related securities class action lawsuits. The suit itself, which has come to be known as the Tripp litigation, initially was dismissed and … Continue Reading

D&O Insurance: Subsequent IndyMac Bank Claims Interrelated with Prior Suit, Precluding Coverage for Later Claims under Second Insurance Program

One of the perennial D&O insurance coverage questions is whether or not subsequent claims are “interrelated” with a prior claim and therefore deemed first made at the time of the prior claim. This question can be particularly critical when the subsequent claims arose during a successor policy period; the answer to the “interrelatedness” question can … Continue Reading

“No Judge Has Ever Said ‘Boy, Can That Guy Turn a Phrase'”

Recent sharply-worded accusations that the FDIC had failed to preserve documents attracted quite a bit of media attention. For example, a January 27, 2012 Wall Street Journal article reported the charges of counsel for two former IndyMac bank executives, repeating counsel’s remarks accusing the agency of a “stunning display of incompetence” for failing to preserve documents. Counsel made … Continue Reading

FDIC Sues Former IndyMac CEO

In the eighth lawsuit that the FDIC has filed so far as part of the current round of bank failures, on July 6, 2011, the FDIC filed suit in the Central District of California against former IndyMac CEO, Michael Perry. The FDIC’s complaint can be found here.   IndyMac failed nearly three years ago, on July 11, … Continue Reading

Subprime Litigation Players and Trends

While I have been keeping track of the subprime and credit crisis-related litigation as it has accumulated (refer here), it has been some time since I have undertaken a detailed litigation overview. Fortunately, NERA Economic Consulting, in a July 3, 2008 report entitled “Subprime Securities Litigation: Key Players, Rising Stakes and Emerging Trends” (here), has … Continue Reading