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U.K. Government Announces Corporate Governance Reform Proposals

In the great pendulum swing that characterizes the mood toward government oversight of companies and corporate governance, the pendulum in the U.S. has swung against regulation and against mandated governance requirements. However, in the U.K., the pendulum is on the opposite end of the arc, as the current government is moving quickly to adopt new … Continue Reading

Thinking about the Criminalization of American Business

One trend in recent years that has been impossible for anyone following the business pages to miss has been the steadily increasing numbers of huge monetary settlements that companies have reached with U.S. regulators and prosecutors. These settlements often involve staggeringly large amounts of money, often funded by shareholders.  The Bank of America’s recent $17 … Continue Reading

Whose Side is the Government On?

One feature of the current financial turmoil is that the government has taken or will take control of or ownership positions in a number of business organizations. The phenomenon of government ownership of a private enterprise potentially could present any number of conflicts and challenges. Among other problems that may arise is the question of … Continue Reading