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Montana Supreme Court: Not Necessary to Consider Underlying Allegations or Policy Terms to Determine Insurer’s Defense Duty

As part of our beat here at The D&O Diary, we read a lot of judicial opinions. We like nothing better than to read an appellate opinion where a dissenting justice and the majority really mix thing up. For that reason alone, we read the recent insurance coverage decision out of the Montana Supreme Court … Continue Reading

NY Court of Appeals Reverses Itself, Holds Insurer’s Breach of Duty to Defend Doesn’t Waive Coverage Defenses After All

In an unusual development in a closely watched case, K2 Investment Group, LLC v. American Guarantee & Liability Ins. Co., the New York Court of Appeals has reversed its own June 2013 ruling in the case in which it held that a legal malpractice insurer that breached its duty to defend is barred from relying … Continue Reading

Professional Liability Insurance: Criminal Plea Precludes Insurer’s Duty to Defend

An insured’s guilty plea to criminal charges relieved his professional liability insurer of its duty under the policy to defend him against related civil claims, according to a June 18, 2013 Order by Southern District of Florida Judge Daniel Hurley. Judge Hurley’s decision is interesting because it addresses the question whether the court can consider … Continue Reading

Guest Post: More About the Duty to Advance and the Duty to Defend

In an August 27, 2012 post (here), I discussed Central District of California Judge James Selna’s August 21, 2012 decision in Petersen v. Columbia Casualty, and in particular Judge Selna’s consideration of the insurer defendant’s duty to advance under its liability policy. Following my publication of the post, I was contacted by Jeffrey Kiburtz of … Continue Reading