As readers know, I have been keeping track of COVID 19-related securities class action lawsuits as they have been filed over the course of recent weeks (most recently here). One of the companies to get hit with a COVID 19 related securities suit is the pharmaceutical company Inovio; as discussed here, a plaintiff shareholder filed a securities suit against the company based on alleged statements by the company’s CEO about the company’s readiness to prepare and begin testing a coronavirus vaccine. Now the company’s board has been with a separate shareholder derivative lawsuit based on the same coronavirus-related allegations. A copy of the plaintiff’s complaint, filed on April 20, 2020, can be found here.
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In a December 28, 2009 press release (here), the plaintiffs’ lawyers announced the settlement of the Comverse Technology options backdating-related derivative lawsuit. This derivative lawsuit settlement is separate from, but related to, the previously announced $225 million settlement of the Comverse Technology options backdating-related securities class action lawsuit (about which refer here).The

Even after Merrill Lynch’s recent $550 million settlement of the subprime-related securities and ERISA lawsuits pending against the company (about which refer here), the consolidated subprime-related derivative lawsuit against the company’s directors and officers remained pending. By contrast to the massive settlements in those other lawsuits, the derivative litigation was recently dismissed, because of

As reflected in my running tally of options backdating lawsuit settlements (which can be accessed here), a number of the options backdating-related derivative lawsuits have settled for some combination of an agreement to pay the plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees, some adjustment to the company officials’ options grants, and the company’s adoption of corporate governance reforms.