Of the different contexts within which securities class action lawsuits arise, one of the most significant is the bankruptcy context. As detailed in the following guest post from Michael Klausner and Jason Hegland of Stanford Law School, securities class action lawsuit arising in bankruptcy are different from cases involving solvent companies. Their guest post provides

Although D&O insurance represents an important risk management tool for every company, the protection that a D&O insurance policy affords directors and officers is particularly important in the bankruptcy context, when the company is no longer able to indemnify the individuals. Yet, as industry practitioners know, a number of issues recur in the bankruptcy context

As part of its scheme to improve corporate transparency and director accountability, a UK government ministry has proposed what UK Business Secretary Vince Cable calls “tough measures” to “give the public greater confidence that irresponsible directors will face consequences for their actions.” These proposals, if adopted, could significantly increase UK corporate directors’ liability exposures in

The bankruptcy context is particularly ripe for D&O claims, and it also represents a particularly difficult claims context for D&O insurers. Anyone with any doubts about just how complicated bankruptcy claims can be will want to take a look at the settlement that the various concerned parties recently reached in the bankruptcy of defunct Florida

The automatic stay in bankruptcy may be lifted to permit MF Global’s D&O and E&O insurers advance the defense expenses of individual defendants in the underlying litigation arising out of the company collapse, notwithstanding the objections of the failed company’s commodities customers, according to an April 10, 2011 ruling from Southern District of New York

The process of restructuring financially distressed companies is complicated and fraught with challenges. Among the many potentially complicating challenges that can arise is the possibility of claims against the company’s management. Because of the risks involved with these kinds of claims, it is critically important that steps are taken to insure that directors and officers

The number of publicly traded companies that filed for bankruptcy protection under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 declined in 2011, compared to the year prior, although the 2011 bankrupt companies collectively  listed greater amounts of pre-petition assets than 2010 bankrupt public companies did, according to data recently released by BankruptcyData.com (here).