The D&O Diary is on assignment in Europe this week, with the first stop in Frankfurt, the German financial capital. The spring weather in Frankfurt was mild and pleasant while I was there, though I was in Frankfurt all too briefly.

The purpose of my visit to Frankfurt was to participate in the DRRT law firm’s Global Securities Litigation Update conference. I always enjoy participating in this well-attended and well-run event. I would like to thank Alexander Reus and his colleagues for inviting back to this event and for being such good hosts during the conference.

My main contribution to the event was to participate as a panelist on the Hot Topics panel, together with Eric Belfi of the Labaton Keller Sucharow law firm and Alexander Reus of the DRRT law firm. I always enjoy this session, in part because I am never quite sure where it is going to go or how it is going to unfold. This year’s version was a lot of fun.
Here’s a view of the audience at the event. One of the reasons I particularly like this event is that the audience members come from literally all over the world. Also, the Frankfurt Sofitel is a great venue and a great hotel.
Here’s a view of one of the many ponds in the Wallanlagen, the park that is built were Frankfurt’s city walls used to be and that form a 5km semicircular green space around the inner city. I did not get much of a chance to see Frankfurt on this trip, as I was only in town briefly — I spent less than 12 hours in Frankfurt total before heading on to my next destination. Always a pleasure to visit the city, next visit I need to allow more time.