Stanford Law School

On Tuesday, March 5, 2019, it was my distinct honor and pleasure to be one of the invited speakers at Professor Joseph Grundfest’s corporate and securities litigation class at Stanford Law School in Palo Alto, California. Along with Priya Cherian Huskins of the Woodruff Sawyer firm, I was invited to address the students on the topic of the role of D&O insurance in securities and derivative litigation.


It was a lively and interesting session. The students were engaged and they asked a number of perceptive questions. The entire experience was great, but an added extra bonus for me was that among the students in the class was my son (who is a 3L at Stanford Law).


A view of the class. That’s me in the white shirt in front, with Professor Grundfest to my right and Priya Cherian Huskins to my fleft. My son is in the back by the window.


I tip my hat to Professor Grundfest for including a session on D&O insurance as part of the course. Those of us who are involved in the field know that from a practical perspective, knowledge of D&O insurance is an indispensable part of understanding many of the dynamics involved in litigating and resolving corporate and securities litigation. This basic fact is not the kind of thing that is usually addressed in law school. From the students’ comments and questions, it was clear they grasped the practical importance of D&O insurance as a part of the process. Honestly, I wasn’t sure that the students would warm to the subject, but they were fully engaged. It was just a  lot of fun to have had the opportunity to be a part of this class.


With Professor Grundfest and Priya Cherian Huskins, after the class session


Another view of the Stanford Law School (it was an uncharacteristically gloomy and overcast day).


Even on a gloomy overcast day, the Stanford campus is so beautiful.



I like the concept of a college campus with palm trees. Too bad the sun was not shining that day.