By now, many readers may have seen the 2012 Towers Watson D&O insurance survey, entitled “Directors and Officers Liability: 2012 Survey of Insurance Purchasing Trends,” which can be here. (I am only belatedly posting a link to the survey now owing to my travel schedule last week, when Towers Watson released the survey report).


As always, the survey report contains a number of interesting insights, including in particular the report’s conclusion that “the insurance marketplace for directors and officers liability is clearly firming, as evidenced by increased pricing experienced in many sectors.”


The report contains a number of other interesting insights about the current D&O insurance marketplace for both public and private/nonprofit entities, but readers will also want to note the precautionary comment in the report’s introduction, which state that “it is important that care is taken”  in drawing conclusions from the report owing to the fact that  "the majority of respondents were large organizations with total assets/revenues in excess of US$1 billion” and that “firms with assets/revenues under US$1 billion were not as well represented.”