In the August 2012 issue of Business Law Today, the ABA Business Law Section published an article entitled “Training for Tomorrow: Corporate Counsel Checklist for Supervising Creation/Renewal of D&O Protection Program” (here). The article describes the critical components of a comprehensive executive protection program. A detailed description of the article and an explanation of the process by which the ABA Business Section created and published the checklist can be found in a September 11, 2012 post by Kevin Brady on the Delaware Corporate and Commercial Litigation Blog


The ABA checklist and accompanying commentary emphasizes that there are multiple components of a comprehensive program to protect corporate directors and officers from potential financial and criminal liability. The first element, statutory exculpation, should be incorporated into the company’s certificate or articles of incorporation.


Three additional elements of the program described in the ABA article are:  the right to advancement of defense costs; relief from the duty to repay advances; and indemnity against settlement and judgments. All three of these elements should be address in the company’s corporate by-laws. As the article notes, the changing legal environment poses “significant hurdles” to “making sure that the entity’s by-laws actually provide the maximum rights to advancement and indemnity that the law permits. The article provides a short, useful checklist to be used in reviewing corporate by-laws in order to ensure that the provisions provide the recommended components of executive protection program. Readers of this blog will find this portion of the ABA article particularly useful.


The article also notes that D&O insurance is a critical component of a comprehensive executive protection program. The article also contains a D&O insurance checklist. The list contains many useful items. D&Oinsurance professionals will want to be familiar with the list, as it is possible that their clients, armed with checklist, might expect the insurance professionals to respond to each of the checklist items.


One item that should be added to the list is the critical importance of associating in the D&O insurance placement process an experienced and knowledgeable insurance professional that is qualified to negotiate policy terms and conditions and that is able to make informed recommendations about policy limits and structure. Corporate counsel that want to ensure that their company’s D&O insurance program is state of the marketplace will want to enlist the assistance of a D&O insurance professional that is out in the marketplace every day and that is fully informed about what is available in general and from each of the carriers.