delaware2In a May 28, 2014 opinion (here), the Delaware Supreme Court held that an action by the bankrupt Washington Mutual bank holding company’s liquidating trust seeking a judicial declaration of coverage under the bank’s D&O insurance program for claims asserted by the trust against the failed bank’s directors and officers must be dismissed

In a detailed October 27, 2009 opinion (here), Western District of Washington Judge Marsha J. Pechman substantially denied the defendants’ motions to dismiss the plaintiffs’ amended complaint in the Washington Mutual subprime securities class action lawsuit. Judge Pechman’s ruling is noteworthy in and of itself, but perhaps even more because Judge Pechman

Amidst all of the tumult over the Fed bailout and the Presidential debates, not to mention a host of other events large and small, news about WaMu’s collapse has already slipped from the front pages of the nation’s newspapers. Astonishingly, in one short weekend, events have superseded the largest bank failure in U.S. history.