In a rare case in which a securities suit is actually going to trial, on Monday a jury was empanelled in the Vivendi securities class action lawsuit pending in the Southern District of New York. An October 5, 2009 New York Times article summarizing the background of the case can be found here. A

On May 7, 2009, a jury in the Northern District of Illinois entered a mixed verdict finding in plaintiffs’ favor on several counts in the Household International securities fraud securities class action lawsuit, a long-running case with overtones of the current subprime meltdown. Background regarding the case can be found here.

The verdict

A rare jury trial has commenced in a long-running securities lawsuit that resonates with overtones of the current subprime mortgage meltdown. On March 30, 2009, Northern District of Illinois Ronald Guzman began empanelling a jury in the securities class action lawsuit styled as Lawrence E. Jaffee Pension Plan v. Household International, Inc., a case that