The heightened susceptibility of life sciences companies to securities class action lawsuits is a phenomenon that I and others have previously noted (refer here). But while life sciences companies may experience greater securities class action claim frequency, many of these lawsuits against life sciences companies are dismissed (as discussed here).

In a case the

As the subprime crisis has unfolded, one of the recurring themes has been the conflicted role of the rating agencies. Last week’s announcement (here) of a negotiated resolution of the New York State regulatory investigation of the rating agencies reflects one aspect of the recurring questions surrounding the rating agencies’ role in the

Driven by the growing wave of subprime-related litigation (particularly a spate of auction rate securities lawsuits), the number of new securities class action lawsuit filings surged in March 2008. The total number of new securities class action lawsuit filings — 25 – matches the number of new filings in November 2007, which in turn represented

The first of the 2007 year-end securities class action reports has already appeared (refer here), with others soon to follow. As I have noted elsewhere (most recently here), the most important securities trend during 2007 was the return of lawsuit filing activity to historical levels, after a two-year lull. But there were numerous