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Countywide MBS Securities Suit Settles for $500 Million

In what is the largest settlement so far of an mortgage-backed securities class action lawsuit filed as part of the subprime and credit-crisis securities litigation wave, the parties to the consolidated Countrywide mortgage-backed securities suit pending in the Central District of California have agreed to settle the litigation for $500 million. The settlement is subject … Continue Reading

Colonial Bank Execs Settle Failed Bank Securities Suit

In a settlement that apparently will be funded entirely by D&O insurance, the plaintiffs and 23 former executives of the failed Colonial Bank of Montgomery, Alabama have agreed to the settle the class action securities lawsuit that investors filed in connection with the bank’s 2009 collapse,  for $10.5 million. The settlement does not resolve the … Continue Reading

First Subprime Securities Lawsuit Settlement?

In what is as far as I am aware the first class action settlement in the current wave of subprime-related securities lawsuits, on October 14, 2008, WSB Financial Group announced (here) that it had entered into a settlement agreement of the class action lawsuit pending against the company and certain of its directors and officers. … Continue Reading