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Sharpening the Focus on Regulation A+ Offerings

Earlier this year, the SEC rules adopted rules amending Regulation A under the Securities Act to provide companies with an intermediate path between, on the one hand, exempt offerings to qualified investors only, and, on the other hand, a full-blown initial public offering of registered securities. Since the amended rules, known as Regulation A+, took … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Supreme Court Declines To Consider Second Circuit’s Landmark Insider Trading Ruling

The U.S. government’s petition for writ of certiorari in the case of United States v. Newman had been very closely watched. The government hoped to have the Supreme Court set aside the Second Circuit’s 2014 decision in the case (here), which had overturned the convictions of two hedge fund managers accused of insider trading. In … Continue Reading

Legislative Reform for the Securities Laws Before the 2010 Elections?

Over the years, legislative reforms of the U.S. securities laws have cycled back and forth, between initiatives, on the one hand, to discourage abusive litigation and, on the other hand, to restrain corporate misconduct. In the current Wall Street bailout, post-Madoff environment, sentiment may be running high for legislative reforms that could expand liabilities under … Continue Reading

More Aiding and Abetting Liability Legislation and Other Web Notes and Updates

In an earlier post (here), I discussed legislation that Senator Arlen Specter introduced in July 2009 to legislatively overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Stoneridge and allow private actions for aiding and abetting liability. Though this proposed legislation is a matter for serious concern, there was always the possibility that given everything that Congress … Continue Reading

House Financial Reform Bill Includes Securities Law Reforms

On December 11, 2009, the U.S. House of Representatives approved by a 223-202 vote "The Wall Street Report and Consumer Protection Act of 2009," H.R. 4173 (here). The sprawling 1279-page Bill, which must be reconciled with competing financial reform legislation pending in the Senate, would institute a number of reforms and initiatives that would have … Continue Reading