When two or more insurers’ policies potentially cover a single loss, “other insurance” questions can arise. Over the years, courts have developed a number of rules of the road to apply when multiple policies potentially cover the same loss. But these principles govern the obligations and responsibilities between the insurers, and not between the insurers, on the one hand, and the policyholder, on the other hand. These principles were well-illustrated in a recent case out of the Southern District of South Carolina in which  Judge Henry Herlong held that the possible application of another policy of insurance did not entitle an insurer to a pro rata apportionment of its loss payment to its insured. The case provides a good example from which to consider the insurer’s rights and obligations are in these situations. Judge Herlong’s November 7, 2017 Opinion in the case can be found here.  The Wiley Rein law firm’s November 17, 2017 post about the decision on its Executive Summary blog can be found here.
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