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Guest Post: Directors and Officers Must Defend Secondary Market Misrepresentation Claim

As I have noted in prior posts, securities class action litigation represents a significant part of the corporate liability landscape in Canada. In the following guest post, James R. Lane, a founding partner of the Toronto law firm of Bersenas Jacobsen Chouest Thomson Blackburn LLP, takes a look at a recent important decision by the … Continue Reading

Class Actions in Canada: A Critical Commentary

A number of countries have procedural mechanisms allowing groups of aggrieved parties to pursue their legal claims in the form of a collective action. While no other country has a class action mechanism quite like that of the United States, another country that also has well-developed class action mechanisms is Canada. However, unlike the United … Continue Reading

Canadian Court Declines to Follow Morrison, Rejects BP’s Bid to Stay Claims of Investors Who Purchased Shares on Non-Canadian Exchanges

In its landmark decision Morrison v National Australia Bank, the U.S. Supreme Court said that the U.S. securities laws do not apply to share transactions that do not take place on U.S. securities exchanges. But do these principles operate the same way in other jurisdiction — would courts in other jurisdictions decline to apply the … Continue Reading

Leave to Proceed, Class Certification Given in Another Ontario Securities Suit

For the second time, a court has given investors leave to proceed and also certified a plaintiff class in a secondary market misrepresentations claim under the revised Ontario Securities Act. In an order dated March 1, 2011, Ontario Superior Court Justice Wolfram Tausendfreund granted leave to investors to proceed against Arctic Glacier Income Fund, its … Continue Reading

Imax Defendants Denied Leave to Appeal Rulings Allowing Ontario Securities Case to Proceed as Global Class Action

In a February 14, 2011 order (here), an Ontario Superior Court Justice has denied the motion of the defendants in the IMAX securities lawsuit pending in Ontario for leave to appeal the December 2009 rulings of Ontario Superior Court Justice Katherine van Rensberg granting the plaintiffs leave to pursue securities claims in a class proceeding. … Continue Reading

In Landmark Rulings, Ontario Court Allows IMAX Securities Suit to Proceed, Certifies Class

In a landmark development for private securities litigation in Canada, a Justice of the Ontario Superior Court has ruled that a proposed securities suit against IMAX under Ontario’s new statutory provisions allowing private securities litigation may proceed. The court separately certified a global class of IMAX investors on whose behalf the case will now proceed.   According to a December 14, … Continue Reading