You all know the pattern: a short seller publishes a splashy report with attention-grabbing revelations about the operations or financial results of a listed company; the company’s shares decline; and a plaintiffs’ securities class action law firm files a securities class action lawsuit, often based solely on the accusations in the short seller’s report. The defendant company will of course file a motion to dismiss – but how will the court assess the accusations in the short seller’s report for purposes of determining the sufficiency of the plaintiffs’ allegations? In a November 2, 2023, Law360 article (here), Richard Zelichov of the DLA Piper law firm considers the way that courts should consider allegations based on short-seller reports.Continue Reading Short-Seller Reports and Securities Class Action Lawsuits

Largely due to the decline in the numbers of merger objection class action lawsuit filings and a decline in the number of Rule 10b-5 filings, the number of new federal court securities class action lawsuit filings declined in 2022 for the fourth consecutive year, according to the latest annual report from NERA Economic Consulting. The report, entitled “Recent Trends in Securities Class Action Litigation: 2022 Full-Year Review” also shows that aggregate, average, and median securities class action lawsuit settlements increased in 2022 relative to 2021. NERA’s January 24, 2023, press release about the report, with a link to the full report, can be found here.Continue Reading NERA: Securities Suit Filings Declined in 2022 for the Fourth Consecutive Year

  1. As I have previously noted, the elevated number of securities class action lawsuits against life sciences companies was an important factor in the increase of securities lawsuit filings in 2017. The significant volume of securities suits involving life sciences companies has been the subject of focused analysis, as discussed here. Now the Sidley Austin law firm has released its exhaustive review of the 2017 securities litigation against life sciences companies. Among other things, the report finds that while the numbers of securities suit filings against life sciences companies has increased in recent years, the companies are faring worse at the dismissal motion stage in the district courts relative to the most recent years. The report summary can be found here. The full report can be found here.
    Continue Reading Another Look at 2017 Securities Litigation Against Life Sciences Companies

In two decisions last week – one in the Sixth Circuit and one in the First Circuit – federal appellate courts set aside lower court dismissals of securities class action lawsuits. Although the two cases are different and the two appellate opinions address different legal issues, the two decisions both seem to suggest a similar