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Guest Post: An Analytical Approach To Defending Securities Class Claims

In the following guest post, Nessim Mezrahi, cofounder and CEO of SAR, a securities class action data analytics and software company, takes a look at possible defenses to securities class action lawsuits that corporate defendants may have based on analysis of the claimed stock price declines involved. A version of this article previously appeared on … Continue Reading

Dismissal Motion Denied in ExxonMobil Climate Change-Related Securities Suit

As I noted when it was filed in 2016, the securities class action lawsuit investors filed against ExxonMobil and certain of its executives represented something of a milestone as it was the first securities class action lawsuit of which I am aware based on climate change-related allegations. In an August 14, 2018 opinion, Northern District … Continue Reading

Seventh Circuit Sets Aside Record $2.46 Billion Judgment in Long-Running Household International Securities Suit

On October 17, 2013, when Northern District of Illinois Judge Ronald Guzman entered a $2.46 billion judgment for the plaintiffs in the long-running Household International securities class action lawsuit, it was according to statements at the time the largest judgment ever in a securities fraud trial. However, on May 21, 2015, the Seventh Circuit reversed the … Continue Reading

Fifth Circuit Reverses District Court, Holds Multiple Disclosures Establish Loss Causation Even if No Single Disclosure Alone Sufficient

A recurring question arising in class action securities litigation is what constitutes a “corrective disclosure” for purposes of satisfying the requirements for pleading loss causation. In the Amedisys securities class action litigation, the district court had examined the five partial disclosures on which the plaintiff sought to rely to establish loss causation and held that … Continue Reading

Second Circuit Revives Dismissed Securities Suit Against U.S.-Listed Chinese Company

In October 2011, when Southern District of New York Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum dismissed the securities class action lawsuit that had been filed against China North Petroleum Holdings, Ltd, it was the first of the many cases recently filed against U.S.-listed Chinese companies to be dismissed (as discussed at length here). However, in an August … Continue Reading

Court Rejects Rating Agencies’ Argument that Credit Crisis Alone Caused Investor Losses

In a April 26, 2010 opinion (here) that could have significant implications for motions to dismiss in the many subprime-related securities actions pending against the rating agencies, Southern District of New York Judge Schira Scheindlin rejected the arguments of Moody’s and S&P that the action investors in the Rhinebridge structured investment vehicle (SIV) should be … Continue Reading

Rare Fifth Circuit Securities Case Reversal

On June 19, 2009, the Fifth Circuit, in a per curiam opinion (here) written by a panel that included retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor sitting by designation, reversed and remanded the district court’s denial of class certification and entry of summary judgment in defendants’ favor in the Flowserve securities class action lawsuit.   CORRECTION: The … Continue Reading

Appellate Action: Life Sciences Securities Lawsuits

The heightened susceptibility of life sciences companies to securities class action lawsuits is a phenomenon that I and others have previously noted (refer here). But while life sciences companies may experience greater securities class action claim frequency, many of these lawsuits against life sciences companies are dismissed (as discussed here). In a case the First Circuit … Continue Reading