life sciences companies

As the various year-end securities litigation studies have all shown, cases against financial services companies have dominated securities lawsuit filings for the last several years. But throughout that period, the plaintiffs’ attorneys have also continued to pursue claims against companies in other industries, particularly companies in the life sciences sector. A recent memorandum from David

In prior posts (most recently here), I discussed the fact that while litigation against the financial sector has predominated recent securities lawsuit filings, plaintiffs’ attorneys also have targeted other sectors, including in particularly the life sciences sector. An April 2009 memorandum by David Kotler of the Dechert law firm entitled "Dechert Survey of Securities

The 2008 securities lawsuit filings were dominated by new lawsuits filed against companies in the financial sector, as has been well-documented elsewhere (refer here). But while lawsuits against financial companies were the most prominent feature of the 2008 securities filings, there were also a significant number of lawsuits filed against companies outside the financial

The heightened susceptibility of life sciences companies to securities class action lawsuits is a phenomenon that I and others have previously noted (refer here). But while life sciences companies may experience greater securities class action claim frequency, many of these lawsuits against life sciences companies are dismissed (as discussed here).

In a case the