Over the course of several years in which the marketplace for D&O insurance has been highly competitive, the scope of coverage available has continued to evolve and expand.  Terms and conditions are available today that were not available even a short time ago, as carriers attempt to distinguish themselves in a crowded marketplace. The marketplace is a buyer’s market, but in order to ensure that corporate insurance buyers obtain the best coverage available, it is important for them to understand the options available. In an interesting December 6, 2017 Law 360 column entitled “D&O Insurance Coverage Tips for Financial Institutions” (here) Robert Long and Nanci Weissgold of the Alston & Bird law firm examined the issues and options involving several key areas of D&O liability insurance coverage.
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coloradoAmong the most frequently recurring D&O insurance coverage issues is the question of the carrier’s obligation to pay for costs incurred in connection with an informal SEC investigation. Indeed over the years, numerous policy revisions have been adopted in various forms by various carriers to address certain aspects of this issue. Yet the issues continue to arise, as shown most recently in District of Colorado Judge Robert E. Blackburn’s August 4, 2016 opinion (here), in which he held that the D&O policy at issue did not provide coverage for the insured company’s expenses incurred in responding to an informal SEC investigation. The opinion raises a number of issues, as discussed below.
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Among the most frequently recurring and arguably most vexatious D&O insurance coverage issues are the questions of the carrier’s obligation under the policy for defense expenses incurred either in connection with an informal SEC investigation or an internal investigation.

In an October 15, 2010 summary judgment ruling in insurance coverage litigation involving Office Depot

In recent posts (here and here), I have discussed the issues surrounding coverage under D&O insurance policies for investigative costs and special litigation committee expenses. In response to these posts, readers Jeff Kiburtz and Cindy Forman of the Santa Monica law firm of Shapiro Rodarte & Forman have submitted the following guest blog post.

Among perennial D&O insurance issues are questions whether policy coverage is available for defense expenses incurred in connection with investigative costs, subpoenas and the costs associated with special litigation committees. A December 30, 2009 decision in the coverage lawsuit brought by MBIA against its D&O insurers considered all of these recurring issues, and reached some