D&O insurance policies typically extend coverage to “duly elected or appointed” directors and officers. But what happens if the proper election or appointment procedures were not followed yet the individual served as a director anyway? Is that person a “director” for purposes of D&O insurance coverage? How about for purposes of the Insured vs. Insured exclusion? These are the questions that a federal district court, applying Idaho law, addressed in a case involving individuals whose board appointments were procedurally flawed but whose board membership was subsequently ratified by corporate conduct. The court concluded the individuals are “directors” within the meaning of the policy, and so lawsuits brought by the individuals against the company and other board members represent insured vs. insured claims for which coverage is precluded by exclusion. A copy of the court’s March 15, 2024, decision can be found here. (Hat Tip to Paul Curley of the Kaufman, Borgeest, & Ryan law firm for his March 16, 2024 LinkedIn post about the case, here.)Continue Reading Is a Director “Duly Elected or Appointed” If the Election Was Flawed But Later Ratified?

Last summer and early fall there was a rash of shareholder derivative lawsuits – mostly filed in California, mostly filed against tech companies – based on allegations that the target companies’ boards had breached their duties by failing to include African American board members. The filings of these kinds of lawsuits trickled off after the California legislature adopted a bill requiring companies based in California to meet specified board diversity requirements. However, if a recent lawsuit filied is any indication, the board diversity lawsuit filing trend may not have entirely played out after all.

On February 9, 2021, a plaintiff shareholder launched a new board diversity lawsuit, this time against the board of Micron Technology. As discussed below, this most recent lawsuit is different than the earlier lawsuits in certain key ways. A copy of the complaint against the Micron Technology board can be found here.
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