Gary Lill
Elisabeth Groehe

The D&O insurance market is cyclical and is currently going through one of its periodic cycle turns. In the following guest post, Gary Lill, Head of Professional Lines at IQUW, and Elisabeth Groehe, Professional Lines Underwriter at IQUW, examine the current D&O insurance market and discuss the challenges that D&O insurers currently face. A prior version of this article previously was published on the IQUW website. I would like to thank Gary and Elisabeth for allowing me to publish their article as a guest post on this site. I welcome guest post submissions from responsible authors on topics of interest to this blog’s readers. Please contact me directly if you would like to submit a guest post. Here is Gary and Elisabeth’s guest post.
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Businesses currently face a host of challenging operating circumstances: supply chain issues; labor shortages; economic inflation; the war in Ukraine; and the continuing disruptive effects of the pandemic. As a new securities class action lawsuit filed this week against the consumer product company Tupperware shows, these kinds of operating conditions not only create business and financial risk for many companies, but these conditions can also translate into litigation risk, as well. A copy of the securities lawsuit complaint filed recently against Tupperware can be found here.
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In my recent year-end wrap up of D&O issues, I speculated that certain current conditions – supply chain woes, labor supply constraints, and economic inflation – could lead to a rash of D&O claims. I actually had examples in my wrap-up article of D&O claims arising from supply chain issues and labor supply concerns, but I didn’t have any inflation-related D&O claims examples – until now. The securities class action lawsuit filed last week against Vertiv Holdings is directly related to the company’s recent inflation-caused earnings miss and ensuing stock price drop. As discussed below, there could be more inflation-related D&O claims to come. A copy of the March 24, 2022 complaint against Vertiv can be found here.
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