In the latest twist in a long-running legal saga, on March 15, 2019, the FDIC announced that it had reached a $335 million settlement of the negligence action the agency had brought against PwC in connection with the accounting firm’s audit work for the defunct Colonial Bank. The curious thing about this settlement is that it represents only a little more half of the amount that a federal district court judge awarded the FDIC as damages in a July 2018 order in the case. The FDIC’s terse March 15, 2019 press release announcing the settlement can be found here.
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Our beat here at The D&O Diary is basically restricted the world of directors’ and officers’ liability. So, regrettably, we don’t often have the occasion to write about college football. But a story making the rounds on the Internet manages to connect Colonial Bank (the third largest bank to fail during the current bank failure