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Rare Securities Suit Trial Produces Jury Verdict Against Former Longtop Financial CFO

On November 21, 2014, after a securities class action trial that lasted less than three days and after less than a day of deliberation, an eight-person jury entered a verdict holding former Longtop Financial Technologies CFO Derek Palaschuk liable for the company’s alleged misrepresentations about its financial condition. According to Nate Raymond’s November 21, 2014 … Continue Reading

Shareholders Obtain $882 Million Default Judgment in Longtop Financial Securities Suit

During the period 2010 to 2012, plaintiffs’ lawyers rushed to file a wave of securities suits against U.S.-listed Chinese companies. In general, the cases filed as part of this wave that have reached the settlement stage have settled for relatively modest amounts. However, at least one of these cases has now resulted in an absolutely … Continue Reading

Class Certification Denied in Securities Suit Against U.S.-Listed Chinese Company

During 2010 and 2011, a number of securities class action lawsuits were filed against U.S.-listed Chinese companies. Plaintiffs’ lawyers seemed eager to pursue these cases despite likely procedural and practical challenges such as likely difficulties in obtaining discovery, as well as language and cultural barriers. And if a recent decision in one of these cases … Continue Reading

New Year’s Filings Pick Up Where Last Year’s Left Off with New Lawsuit Against U.S.-Listed Chinese Company

Securities class action lawsuit filing activity seems to have picked right up in the New Year where last year’s filings left off, as what appears to be the first filed case of 2012 involves a U.S.-listed Chinese company. Camelot Information Systems, a Chinese-based company whose American Depositary Shares (ADS) trade on the NYSE, and certain … Continue Reading

Guest Post: SEC and U.S. Exchanges Crack Down On Chinese and Other Reverse Merger Companies

Companies that obtained their listings on U.S. exchanges by way of a reverse merger with a publicly traded shell have been the focus of a great deal of scrutiny and even litigation in recent months, particularly with regard to Chinese reverse merger companies, as discussed here.   Reverse merger companies are also now the focus … Continue Reading

More Woes for Companies with Chinese Connections

SciClone Settles FCPA Follow-on Derivative Suit : In a settlement that involves a company with significant Chinese operations — and that also may represent something of a template for the settlement of FCPA enforcement follow-on civil lawsuits — SciClone Pharmaceuticals and the individual defendant directors and officers have agreed to settle the consolidated derivative lawsuits … Continue Reading