salesforceI am sure many readers saw Monica Langley’s front page Wall Street Journal article earlier this week about Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and how he uses his position to advance social causes he favors, including most recently, his efforts to combat state legislation concerning transgender bathroom use. The Journal article suggests that Benioff has launched a “new era of corporate social activism.” As the article details, Benioff’s efforts have drawn praise in some quarters, criticism in others. In a May 3, 2016 post on his eponymous blog (here), UCLA Law Professor Stephen Bainbridge raises some interesting questions about the compatibility of Benioff’s activities with traditional notions of corporate officers’ duties to shareholders.
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It is not news that the choices CEOs make can significantly impact the companies they lead. But at least according to a recent academic study, CEOs’ ability to affect their companies is not limited just to the decisions they make in their corporate posts, but also includes decisions they make in their personal lives. According to